Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Business First, Birthday Wish Second

The storm system set to move in on Thursday looks pretty juicy. Large amounts of snow are on tap for locations north of a line from Mason City, IA to Madison, WI. We will be on the warm side of this system meaning that at least 90% of the precipitation is going to fall in the liquid form. HPC is still believing that there is the potential for a few rain gauges across the Stateline to tally 1" of liquid from this disturbance. A little sleet is possible initially with a little snow possible on the backside of this system. Neither will amount to much at all.

Also, one side note. I wanted to publicly wish my mother a very happy birthday! She is an extremely active woman and is pretty amazing. Here is a picture of us taken on Valentine's Day overlooking the Mississippi River at Chestnut Mountain. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than skiing with your mother, right? Although... I have no clue where I got my height from. -ADAM


Justin said...

So if it rains a lot and then gets below freezing tomorrow night, will that cause slick roads or power line problems?

Dustylynn403 said...

Aww Happy Birthday Adam's Mommy!! I think that is super sweet that you were with your mom on valentines day.

Adam Painter said...

Thanks Dustylynn, I know she got a kick out of it as well!